About Us

Curt and I purchased our Ranch (Boyd Ranch) in February of 2004. The ranch is located in Central NM about 75 miles SE of Albuquerque. We had outgrown our Horse Training and Sales facility in Edgewood, NM. At that time we had cattle spread out on leased pasture and we decided to incorporate the cattle and horses all on one place.

Curt is a Farrier and specialized in shoeing show horses and also horses with lameness problems. Curt has also trained and shown many horses to win State, National, and World titles. He prefers cow horses and showing in cow horse classes such as Working Cow Horse, Ranch Versatility, Cutting, Team Penning, and Sorting but he has also raised and shown Peruvian Pasos and at one time had one of the largest herds of Peruvians in the USA. He showed these horses all over the US along with importing and exporting them. Curt also ranched and had cattle on his ranch in Texas and had cattle here in NM.

My love of animals and passion to train them started as a young child. My family raised Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. I trained several of our dogs and competed in obedience and Junior Handling. I also have raised, trained, and shown Paints and Quarter Horses  and earned numerous  Awards at the State, Regional, and National levels including 27 World and National titles.

When we purchased our ranch (25,000 acres). Our lives were already very busy with our Horse Training and Sales business and Curt was shoeing horses all over the state, but we then added to our busy schedule all the cattle and ranch duties. We have miles of pipeline, four wells, and many miles of fencing that all need attention and repairs done. Without any employees we had more work than time. Moving cattle to change pastures, checking fence, branding, and doctoring we do horseback. We were making some great Ranch horses with all the miles we put on them and our horse sales business really picked up. It’s awesome that we can offer the public true Ranch and Cow horses that have worked for a living and have a lot to offer out there. With all the work moving cattle I quickly decided I had to have trained cow dogs.

When we initially moved to the ranch in 2004 we had two Australian Shepherds one neutered male and a young female. Curt had already started the male on cattle before we moved.  Cinch quickly had more than a full time job here at the ranch. The young female did not show much interest in cattle and actually preferred rabbits, we ended up finding her a nice home in town.  We decided to buy another male Aussie and met a breeder in Fort Worth Texas and I found “Spur’.   He comes from excellent breeding for herding and I was excited to pick him up at the Quarter Horse Youth World Show in Fort Worth Texas while I was there with a client that had qualified for the World show. He turned out to be a great cow dog! He had more cow sense than any dog Curt and I had ever owned. I got hooked on the dogs and how much time they saved us by helping us gather and move cattle. We decided we needed more Aussies and we started researching lines that were known to be Cowy but also sensible and trainable. We purchased several more Aussies with outstanding pedigrees (Hangin’ Tree, Crown Point, Rising Sun, Los Rocosa, Fair Oaks) that have proven to be outstanding helpers here on the Ranch. It is so awesome to watch them work and love it! There is nothing like watching the dogs move and control hundreds of cattle. A good Aussie can be worth several people horseback. We then decided to raise more of these great dogs, to keep here, and also to sell to the public who were wanting these outstanding Aussies. We have Boyd Ranch Aussies all across the US, Europe, and in Canada working on Ranches, Search and Rescue, Sport, Therapy, and living as smart and loyal family companions.

In 2009 Curt and I decided we no longer had time to continue going to horse shows with clients and shoeing horses. We decided to put all of our time in here at the ranch. We are concentrating on our cattle and horse sales business and raising the best Herding Australian Shepherds. We are  putting a lot of hours in horseback and making some great Ranch and competitive Cow horses. We still go to some Ranch sorting and Ranch events with our horses and I’m kicking around the idea of trialing some of our dogs.

Christmas family

Our family: Shane, Daughter-in -law Erin, Grandbaby Evie, Susan, Curt, Dillon