About Aussies

Boyd Ranch Aussies

Boyd Ranch Aussies are proven working dogs that help us with our chores on our cattle ranch! They live a fun and active life and are out and about with us everyday on the ranch, from moving cattle, checking fence, or just hanging out with us at the barn.

Boyd Ranch Aussies are great minded cowdogs! They must be smart and able to figure out what way we are moving cattle without a lot of direction and commands. We have Aussies who have the ability to think on their own and assist us by reading cattle well, moving them in the right direction, and with the amount of pressure needed to get the job done.
We breed for natural herding ability, sound minds, structure, train ability, livestock sense, and great dispositions. Our dogs can track and have enough grit to gather wild brushy cattle. They will also switch gears and quietly bring in pairs with small calves.
We don’t work cattle every day and ALL our Aussies have an off switch. They are happy just being with us at the house or the barn or swimming in a stock tank! All of our Aussies are ASCA and AKC registered. They have had DNA testing (or by parentage) for HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, CD-Cone Deg, PRA-prcd, MDR1 and also passed OFA prelims and/or permanent on hips. Our goal is to breed healthy Aussies with good minds, and great livestock sense!
Boyd Ranch Aussies are working across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South America on Cattle and Sheep Ranches, Farms, and Dairy’s. Our dogs have also excelled in Service & Therapy, Trials, Sport, Flyball, Agility, Obedience, and are living in houses as wonderful loyal family companions.
On a side note: I read an ad for an Aussie that the breeder claimed had no herding instinct or drive. Herding instinct and drive are part of the breed description. You can’t breed that out and still claim to breed Aussies. So, when I read this, I found it worth sharing, because I believe Aussies can have herding ability and be a great family dog too!
You have an Aussie. You have a breed that’s a little over 150 years old. You have a breed that is the only herding stock dog originally bred in America, and is truly American, being a great big melting pot of different breeds to get what they wanted. You have a breed that was bred to be able to herd one thousand sheep with a few buddies and only one human shepherd. You have an Aussie. You have a breed that was bred for sheep but able to think and adjust to herd cattle, ducks, geese, pig, chickens, and rabbits And each one herded differently . You have a breed that guarded all those sheep, cattle, ducks, geese, and rabbits, so it made sure it kept its eyes on you.
You have a breed that has guarding instincts as strong as its herding instincts. You have a breed that ranchers loved because if you needed something done, it could do it. You have an Aussie. You have a breed that was known as early as 1860 for its intelligence, gentleness, loyalty and uncompromising courage and strength in the face of danger. You have a breed that was bred to have no trouble continually moving with a comfortable lope all day. Every day. You have a breed that doesn’t care about the weather, and has worked everywhere from Antarctica to the hot dry plains of Texas.
You have an Aussie. You have a breed that is known for incredible energy and intelligence and also being one of the most destructive dogs there is when those aren’t taken care of. You have a breed that you thought you knew what it took to raise one, and was still surprised. And still got another one. You have a breed that has no problem running your home if they don’t think you are doing it right. You have a breed that made the list of ten most high maintenance dogs. And you weren’t surprised. You have an Aussie and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”