Curt and I purchased and established Boyd Ranch, LLC after we were married in 2004. It is situated on 25,000 acres and is located in Central NM about 75 miles SE of Albuquerque. The headquarters are in the old ghost town of Chupadera, NM. This was an old ranching/farming community and there are many old ruins through out the ranch. Dances were held in the Church every month and there was a school house across from the church for the local children. The Church was built in the late 1800’s. and is still standing but the school house has fallen.

With the size of the ranch and the rough terrain we make some great Ranch horses. Moving cattle to change pastures, checking fence, branding, and doctoring we do horseback. It’s nice that we can offer the public true Ranch Horses who have worked for a living. Our ranch horses and Australian Shepherds , have gone all over the US and have also been exported to Europe.

Curt and I have owned many different breeds of dogs including Heelers, Kelpies, Border Collies, and Cur’s. We found for our rough and brushy ranch Australian Shepherds were the best for helping us gather and drive cattle. They are driving type dogs and those with the breeding to have natural instinct are very easy to train. Also, the loyalty to their owners makes a nice all around ranch dog. After owning some great working Aussies, we decided to raise them. First priority was to produce good dogs to keep here and second to sell to the public who were wanting outstanding working Aussies. Boyd Ranch Aussies are working across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South America on Cattle and Sheep Ranches, Farms, and Dairy’s. Our dogs have also excelled in Service & Therapy, Trials, Sport, Flyball, Agility, Obedience, and are living in houses as wonderful loyal family companions.

Curt is originally from the fort Worth, Texas area and is a Cattle Rancher and Farrier. Curt has always been in the horse business and has owned, trained, and shown many horses to win State, National, and World titles.

I’ve always lived in NM. As a child I showed horses and also raised and showed dogs. Later, I had a horse business in Edgewood, NM. I raised, trained, and showed Paints and Quarter Horses for myself and the public. My horses and I earned numerous Awards at the State, Regional, and National levels including 27 World and National titles.

Our family: Shane, Daughter-in -law Erin, Grandbaby Evie, Susan, Curt, Dillon