Retired Aussies

Rising Sun Hangin Chaps 

Sire: WTCH CH Spring Fever of Rising Sun RTDc

Dam: HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Trouble

Pedigree for Rising Sun Hangin Chaps  ASCA/AKC Registered

Eyes Clear- HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, Cone Deg,- Negative/Non-Carrier, Hips OFA Certified Good

Dam of Boyd Ranch Hangin Tapadero and Boyd Ranch Hangin Cheyenne. Grand Dam of Boyd Ranch Hangin Cowpuncher





Chappy is very focused in all that she does, she’s a born “thinker”. Chappy’s my #1 chore dog and is always with me, wherever I go.

Her ability to work cattle is incredible and she works with purpose and complete confidence. She has an amazing ability to figure out which way we are moving cattle and instinctively takes charge to assist us without having to give her a lot of commands. Chappy is tenacious in her ways and she will hit heels and heads as needed. She has an instinctual sense of grouping and can also track cattle. Our Ranch is full of arroyos, canyons, and brush and without Chappy I could easily ride by cattle without ever seeing them. If I tell her we are looking for cattle she will track them and if for some reason I pass by, without seeing them, she will find me and lead me back to where they are.

Chappy’s Pedigree is impeccable. Her Sire is a Conformation Champion and also a Working Trial Champion (WTCH). Her Dam is also a (WTCH) Working Trial Champion and a Hall of Fame (HOF). Her lineage is lined with Working Champions, Conformation Champions, and HOF earners.

Chappy is a very loyal family member and would give her life for us, she is a fantastic dog and friend.

Boyd Ranch Skidboot

Pedigree for Boyd Ranch Skidboot  AKC/ASCA Registered

Dam Of Boyd Ranch Hangin Stirrup and Grand Dam of Nettles

Eyes cleared- HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, Cone Deg,- Negative/Non-carrier, OFA Hip Certified Good



Skidboot is the official Boyd Ranch “Comedian” and we’re just sure she lives to make us laugh! So humorous in all her ways, with a great personality, and is only serious when working cattle. She is very on task when working and will drive and gather cattle well. She has a good pedigree with many HOF, WTCH, and Champions.



Our dogs are not supposed to work cattle without us, but one morning I caught Skidboot and Chappy, who were young at the time independently moving heifers in a pasture by the house under a nearby tree. It was very hot out and Chappy was bringing them in (a few at a time) to Skidboot who then held them under the tree. We are sure Skidboot was the one giving the orders because she was in the shade while Chappy had to work in the sun!

chappy 1 wk 004_crop_cropSkidboot can learn any command quickly and she also smiles on command . If she wasn’t so busy here at the ranch she would be a great at agility or flyball. Skidboot has added so much fun and laughter here on Boyd Ranch.