Cut’N Loose Bosalita of Boyd Ranch

Sire: WTCH W Lazy J Yippie Ki Yi Yo RTDcs CD

Dam: WTCH Cut’N Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa AFTDs

ASCA/AKC Registered

Eyes clear-HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, Cone Deg, PRA-prcd, MDR1 N/N, Hips OFA Certified Good


Bosalita is a beautiful Aussie and carries the bloodlines of many of the greats in this breed. In just 4 generations she has fourteen HOF (Hall Of fame) earners in her pedigree and many titled working dogs.

She is an outstanding cowdog and is a true asset on the ranch. She has no fear of a bull on the hook and she can also slow down and bring in small calves. She’s been a breeze to train and is the type of Aussie that listens and learns very quickly.
When she was just under a year old we took her and one of our neutered males (Colt) to help us bring in a couple hundred pairs to the headquarters. Curt and I were horseback and it was just us with the two dogs. As soon as we started gathering cattle a huge rain and lightening storm hit us. Cattle were splitting from the main herd and running for the trees and they were spread out for a good 1/2 mile. It was so loud with the rain hitting and the lightening that we couldn’t be heard above the storm. I was amazed watching Bosalita run and fetching cattle and bringing them back to the drive all on her own. We were all working hard trying to get the cattle moved and nothing was said to each other or the dogs until we got ALL of the cattle to the headquarters. I was so proud of her and of course Colt too, for keeping all the cattle together and not loosing a single one, without any direction from us. What a great Cow pup!
Bosalita has a good disposition and is good with strangers (if we tell her they are ok) but she will protect us if she feels we’re being threatened.