Boyd Ranch Hangin Concho

Dam: Tonkas Cruzn Sadie

AKC/ASCA Registered

Eyes cleared- HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, Cone Deg, PRA-prcd, MDR1 M/N, Hips OFA Certified Good

Concho is sired by our male Rising Sun Adam Bomb “Bronc” and her dam, who is now retired from our breeding program, is Tonkas Cruzn “Sadie.” Her pedigree is full of WTCH and HOF earners. Our female “Skidboot” is also out of Sadie and we kept her from Sadie’s first litter. We decided we wanted another Blue Merle female and waited for several litters for Sadie to finally produce Concho, in her final litter. I knew Concho was the one we had been waiting for and she has matured into a gorgeous, smart, and well made Aussie!
Concho is absolutely beautiful and has such sweetness in her personality, with us and her dog family. She does have a typical Aussie temperament with strangers and can be protective. She watches over our place when were not here and is a very loyal dog.

Concho is very Cowy and thinks it’s her job to keep cattle away from our house. If we have cattle here in the house trap we can be rest assured they will not get within a few hundred feet from the house. She’s a good girl and won’t chase them, she just doesn’t want then too close! She is as fast as a rabbit and loves water, she would swim in our cattle water tanks all day if we allowed it!
Concho 8 Weeks Old