Nettles X Rider Litter 4 1/2 Weeks Old

Boyd Ranch Hangin Nettles X BWHS Whoop N Ride @ Boyd Ranch

Litter Arrived 3-4-2020!


Males left to right: Rawhide, Cinch, Oxbow, Rope, Latigo

Females left to right: Tapadero, Stirrup, Bell


Rope-Blue Merle Male

New Owner: Debbi-New Mexico



Rawhide-Blue Merle Male

New Owner: Frantzick Farm-Minnesota 



Cinch-Blue Merle Male

New Owner: Grieta-New Mexico


Latigo-Black Tri Male

New Owner: Cheryl-Oklahoma

Owners of TWO Boyd Ranch Aussies!



“Ox”Bow- Blue Merle Male



Stirrup-Black Tri Female

New Owner: Mason Farms-Oklahoma 


“Tap”adero-Blue Merle Female

New Owner: Tanner Farms-New York



Bell-Blue Merle Female

New Owner: Alisha-New Mexico