Boyd Ranch Monkey Up

Dam: Rising Sun Hangin Chaps By WTCH CH Spring Fever of Rising Sun RTDc Out of HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Trouble

Sire: DJR’S Forest Tucker Of DWA &BRA

Eyes clear-HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, Cone Deg, PRA-prcd, MDR1 N/N, DM N/N, Hips OFA Good!

Monkey is a full sister to our Boyd Ranch Hangin Tapadero and is her litter mate. He has a wonderful pedigree, is an amazing cowdog, and has the best disposition.
Monkey is owned by a good Cowboy and friend of ours and has been used to gather wild cattle all over the country. He is an outstanding cowdog and won’t back down from any job asked of him. It’s amazing to watch him work, he can handle tough cattle, but will also slow down and gather pairs. He has worked on our ranch since he was a year old and has gone 100’s of miles gathering cattle on our ranch alone. I can’t even take a guess on how many miles Monkey has traveled, moving cattle over the years….
He is a very loyal dog to his family and has a wonderful mind. If he needs to watch over the kids, he’s on top of it, and is a trustworthy babysitter. He’s also game to entertain them and has competed in costume classes and attended many parties. Monkey will do anything that’s asked of him and is truly a great Aussie!