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Boyd Ranch Hangin Cowpuncher

Sire: Rising Sun Adam Bomb by HOF SPCH WTCH ATCH-II OTCH Certik-Bertik RTDcs UDX TD RN RS-E-SP JS-E-SP GS-E-SP MAD AA AJ AG AR AS EJC ERC EGC. Dam WTCH Rising Sun Blue paper Doll)

Dam: Boyd Ranch Hangin Tapadero

AKC/ASCA Registered     

Pedigree Cowpuncher

Eyes clear-HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, Cone Deg, PRA-prcd, MDR1 N/N, Hips OFA Certified Good


We are excited about our young sire Boyd Ranch Cowpuncher!  Cowpuncher is by our sire Rising Sun Adam Bomb “Bronc” and out of our dam Boyd Ranch Hangin Tapadero.

We started him on some gentle calves when he was about 6 months old and we’re thrilled with his natural ability on cattle. He has continued to progress and is a super cowdog, with a lot of natural ability, is very brave, will think on his own, but is biddable too.

He has a fantastic personality and is absolutely gorgeous! He’s very loyal to our family and watches over all of us. He loves all the puppies and likes to play and to be with them, which is very rare for an adult male dog!

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BWHS Whoop N Ride @ Boyd Ranch

Sire: Turker Creeks King Of The Cowboys STDs

Dam: Ninvehs Cut’N Loose Hula Girl OTDs STDcd

AKC/ASCA registered


Eyes clear-HSF4/HC, CEA, CMR1, CD-Cone Deg, PRA-prcd, MDR1 N/N 










Rider is a beautiful Red Merle male with excellent structure and conformation! He has outstanding breeding and we’re excited to cross him on some of our Boyd Ranch females.

Rider is fun and outgoing, and has a great personality. He likes people, is fearless, and is very loyal to us.

We started Rider on some calves when he was about 6 months old in the arena and he showed a lot of natural instinct. He naturally would go to the heads to take control and also would drive cattle nicely. When he was close to a year old we started using him on some large drives out on the ranch and he really turned on! He loves gathering and driving cattle and has enough drive to put in some long hard days. I love that he can think on his own but will also take direction when needed.

When Rider was only 8 months old I had him and 3 other dogs, with me to check cattle and waters. I had left him and the other dogs on the UTV and had walked into a pasture between some cattle to check their salt and water. Two cows starting fighting and almost ran me over. All the dogs jumped out of the UTV and ran to protect me but Rider got there first! He stood his ground next to me, between me and the fighting cows, and at that moment I knew he was a perfect Boyd Ranch Dog.



Rider on the ranch moving a couple hundred pairs




Watch Our Aussies Out On The Ranch Moving Cattle!

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